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Our Security Goes Above and Beyond, Just Like You.

You place your trust in us to keep your information safe, so we'll do whatever it takes to maintain that trust. Our comprehensive program is always watching out for you. This is how:


We have a dedicated security team with exceptional experience protecting critical data. They know security and they have a budget to wield. For you, that's like having a dedicated team at your agency whose sole existence is to keep your evidence data safe—all day, every day.

In addition to the dedicated security team, all TASER employees understand that our top priority is security. Every employee completes annual and role-specific security training to ensure every step we take maintains the security of customer data.

And we only hire the best - all employees undergo an extensive background check process and are subject to role-specific security clearances or adjudication processes, including Canadian specific background screening and security clearances as and when required.


Our products comply with industry standards like the US FBI CJIS Security Policy as well as Canadian cloud security best practices as published by the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police Information and Communications Technology Committee. We also comply with a wide range of security and privacy standards from around the world - ask us for details anytime. In addition, we do things like protect our facilities with biometric controls, conduct regular vulnerability tests or keep a cyber insurance policy. We take these steps because that's how we'll keep your trust.

Our Information Security program is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified and is designed and operated to ensure a comprehensive, continual improvement-based management system to protect and customer data within


When we build a new hardware or software product, we do so with an emphasis on keeping information locked up. That is why is built on a secure infrastructure and has security-focused features like audit trails, customizable permissions and strict authentication protocols.

All Axon products undergo rigorous security analysis and assessments during development and throughout their lifecycle. We also hire device security experts to identify vulnerabilities in advance of a malicious user using them to their advantage. Axon and TASER's hardware and software engineering teams are trained on developing secure products and performing peer code reviews to identify potential vulnerabilities. In short, we do a lot to ensure every product we ship meets our customers' demanding security expectations.

And we know you demand high-quality, reliable products. That is why TASER's quality management system governing the manufacturing of our products is ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

We are transparent

Axon is built for our customers. We are clear about what we do, what we provide and how we provide it.

We explain things clearly in our contracts

Our contracts are written so our customers can understand them. We detail out critical elements including data ownership, our commitments to security and how we store and manage your data to your instruction.

We use industry standard formats

We have all experienced when you cannot open or play back a file because it is in a format that locks you into a specific vendor product. It is super annoying. We do not do that. Axon products use non-proprietary, industry-leading video formats with no expensive software or time-intensive conversions required. We also allow for bulk export of your evidence data out of in case you want to try another system. We will win and retain your business by providing great products and an awesome user experience, not by restricting your ability to leave.

Our pricing is clear and consistent

We enable all customers to avoid bill shock by providing a live system usage dashboard, offering unlimited data plans and making available numerous financing options. No one likes when there are unexpected charges on a phone or cable bill. Axon lets you avoid that.

You rely on; we make sure it is available

We challenge ourselves to meet customers' availability expectations, and that is why we have implemented Service Level Standards to hold ourselves accountable if we do not meet those levels.

We are open to questions

Have questions about Axon security and trust practices? Need to perform an audit to ensure our security? We are here to help and are open to appropriately scoped customer audits.

We challenge and test ourselves

We are confident that we build secure and trustworthy products, but we do not stop there: we make ourselves prove it on a continuous basis. To ensure our processes meet our rigorous internal requirements, we impose ourselves to 3rd party assessments including ISO/IEC 27001:2013, ISO 9001:2008 and at least quarterly penetration tests of

We communicate your responsibilities

In any cloud computing service, some operational and security elements remain the responsibility of the users. We clearly outline and assist you in understanding and achieving those responsibilities. We are secure and want you to be secure as well. Learn more here.

It is a Partnership

When procuring products and services, the relationship with a provider does not end after the delivery of goods. You, as a customer, are effectively entering an ongoing relationship and are bound by the quality, support and product evolution of the provider. So it is critical for you to select someone who is in line with your needs.

We hire talented people who focus on our customers

Here at Axon, we focus on hiring and developing the best to talent manage our product development and provide customer support. We keep a constant, open ear to customer demands and desires to steer the development of our products.

We integrate with your other systems integrates with your directory services to enable Single Sign-On, with your CAD and RMS system to automate data entry and more with our robust application program interface (API). It is painful when systems work in silos and cannot communicate with each other, so we have built solutions to avoid that pain.

We train and guide your users

Axon and TASER offer extensive on-site training, training material and interactive courses to ensure your users are using effectively and securely. Check out our additional resources. We not only give you the vehicle, but we also teach you to drive it.

We focus on public safety

Axon and TASER focus on developing and managing the best products for the public safety market. We do not create products for other markets and repurpose them to serve public safety. Our products are built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of public safety customers.

We let you know where we are going

How, when you create this partnership, do you ensure that it will last for years? Well, you need to know what your partners’ plans are and what lies ahead in the future. Axon can provide customers and prospective customers our Product and Technology Roadmap that details upcoming products and features. Contact your Axon Sales Representative for more details.

We have got your back

We understand that human error can occur when managing your users and credentials. That is why TASER maintains a cyber insurance policy and is able to issue an insurance certificate to customers, naming them as additional insured under our cyber insurance policy.

Our track record

We have been providing products to the public safety market since 1993. TASER is a financially sound, publicly traded company with a strong history of innovation. Read more about TASER and Axon. has been operating for over 5 years and is deployed in over seven regions around the globe, including in a Canadian cloud since 2015. We have met the needs of some of the most revered police forces in the world but also are dedicated to providing the same level of service and dedication to the smallest of our public safety customers.

Our products are used by over 17,000 law enforcement agencies in over 100 countries around the world. Our mission to protect life and protect truth endures.

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